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Matboard Design



Designer matboard (mat board) is no longer a niche or fad that is only used for special projects or customers. It is now the mainstream and a requirement to keep pace with the design demands of our industry. All it takes is a glance into a major retailer or a successful  frame shop to appreciate the impact of our product on an industry that used solid color matting almost exclusively 16 years ago.

Our 44,000 square foot facility is located in Huntsville Alabama, the home of Redstone Arsenal and NASA’s rocket development program. All aspects of the design and printing process are handled in house by our experienced staff. This allows MDC to quickly react to industry changes and customer needs.
Please take the opportunity to become the newest member of the MDC family and help us celebrate 16 years of service to our industry by ordering our full set of corner samples with 200 exciting, colorful and versatile matboard samples.